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Our Passion:
How long should we allow the mediocrity of art to seep in through our society like weeds and prevent the excellence to spawn its wings? Why so much apathy and passive inertness among us? As Van Gogh has put it “To be good is not enough when you dream of being great” and it is time to realize the greatness in every one of us. Do you want to shatter the dogmas that blind your eyes and bind your limbs?

We want to and DogmaTone is just one small step, but one giant leap for musical evolution in India.

Ask yourself:
An obvious and casually ignored question:
Why is there no market for musical genre called Metal in India, or for that matter, Rock Music?

  • The reason is simple and it is nothing but lack of awareness. People are too numb to realize the quality of such patterns in music. We do not blame anybody but If you don't listen, then we are sure that you guys are missing something. There is definitely a lot of talent in the Indian Underground, waiting to be unleashed. DogmaTone will be the channel for these musical underdogs to latch onto.

Some of the various difficulties that a band or a musician goes through before and after releasing an album are:

The artist(s) need money to promote their music. (DogmaTone will handle the financials provided the music is full of passion and is ROCK) Also, a band should be passionate enough to record a demo, just writing a song and playing it to friends  doesn't help.

Getting a record label deal: As long as the music comes under rock and it has passion, DogmaTone shall continue signing up bands) In India all major record labels are apprehensive of India Rock bands and that is where we step in, DogmaTone is there to promote ROCK music in India and not just its bands.

Promotion: DogmaTone Records promotes the music of a band and also conducts stage shows, reviews in trade magazines etc.

Marketing & Sales: DogmaTone Records is a registered record label, and will take care of all the marketing, distribution, sales of the music. DogmaTone Records gets the music into all the stores, right next to the international artists.

The definition of an immortal Metal/Rock Band:

The Vocalist (Vox) can make you cry, fly, high and sigh or make you do this all at a time.

The Lead Guitarist (Axe Wielder) can send a riff straight through you. 

The Bassist (Low End Duties) descends a hulking riff in to your senses, so you ascend.

The Drummer (Skin Slammer) slams you with juxtaposed beats in sync with all the rest.


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