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We shall be uploading small clips of songs from the album, 'The First Mutiny : Dogmas of Indian Rock' here.

Interested listeners can get an audio glimpse of what is in store for them and send us their feedback.

A message for everybody here is that if you try and download the song from any site that offers free downloads of the songs, you will send up spending about Rs. 80 to Rs. 90 on the downloading. Instead of that, you can spend an amount that is as low as Rs. 100 and you can get the ORIGINAL CD, with the original packaging and presentation. That apart, you get to support a cause - the cause of Indian Rock!

We are counting on you - Ye Indian Rock music fan..

Click on the image to listen "The First Muntiny - Dogmas of Indian Rock"

India Rock


The First Mutiny : Dogmas of Indian Rock


DogmaTone Records' compilation album comprising some of India's best Rock talent is ready and available in all Music World outlets across Karnataka. 


Go ahead and make your inquiries and bookings at stores. Visit http://dogmatone.com/mutiny.htm  or Write to info@dogmatone.com for more details.

Don't just frame and keep your rock legends' photographs on the wall.

Keep them on par.


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